Artificial intelligence has already entered the insurance industry

Artificial intelligence speeds up insurance claim and quotation times

For many years the insurance industry has depended on people to process and finalise claims. With the advances in technology, this is changing and one of the biggest changes will impact claims processing time.

Read how TonkaBI AI will benefit the insurance industry

  • Customer uploads an image of their damaged vehicle. This can be done through multiple methods.
  • Simultaneously, AI starts to analyse the uploaded image through a series of algorithms while retrieving the policy holder’s information such as car registration, car make, car model, car age etc. The machine will be analysing 15 to 30 images per claim.
  • Once the policy holder uploads the images, the AI will be identifying severity of the damage in microseconds.
  • Once the machine has analysed the severity of the damage, AI will then identify parts that need repair or replacing. This is all done through past data that the machine has learnt.

The AI has now successfully processed the first stage of the claim and saved your customer precious time and relieved them from the stress of processing the claim.


Increase business and services with artificial intelligence by TonkaBI

Cut you FNOL costs in half with artificial intelligence

Working with TonkaBI will cut insurance FNOL (First Notification Of Loss) process and cycle time from hours, days and weeks to minutes. Insurance data analytics combined with intelligence is our focus. Building value into our clients is our aim.

Image recognition with TonkaBI's Artificial intelligence

Our technology is built with you in mind. You can have your own artificial intelligence technology with TonkaBI. Together, we will build you a custom solution fitted around your company and industry with the most advanced learning, which will continue to scale and develop on its own with time. TonkaBI AI, developed technology, continues to carry on with minimal to no human intervention.